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Location / Date
Beylikdüzü, İstanbul / 2014

The main objective in the design process is the creation of the void. In order to achieve this, traditional ways of mass housing production were avoided. Instead of producing 6 blocks with 10-storey heights, the footprint in the site is expanded and the average height is limited for the sake of human scale.  


Neighborhood relations, existing paths in the surrounding, sea view, smell, and climatic conditions are the main factors affecting the accommodation of the blocks proposed. Within such parameters, two L-shaped blocks are located in the site on north-west & south-east directions protecting the existing street line. The space designed in between these blocks is designed as the common space for residents. Limiting the building height enhances the climatic quality in the common space.  In addition to ground level usage for common space, along the L-blocks, other open spaces are organized with different permeability levels for different users. 


Go/Art Yapı

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