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EXPO 2016 TOWER / 3rd Prize



Location / Date

Antalya / 2014


EXPO 2016 ANTALYA  is an exposition of botanics and the theme is 'flower and child'. Conceptual approach is similar to the theme selected but the question arouse as: 


How can we sustain the usage of Expo Tower once exposition is over? 


From such discussions, continuous learning activity has been set as the central idea in the planning of sustainable usage of tower. 


Expo tower will not only be an architectural symbol, at the same time with the activities proposed, it will have a positive impact on the tourism. The organization of the tower has been designed as watch & circulate and watch & experience. Both sections are accessible for any kind of user however after expo, the users of these sections might differ. The experience that has been discussed for watch & experience sections is organized over agriculture. With this, a different approach to botanics hae been aimed. 


Antalya Development Agency

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