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Design & Built 

Location / Date
Urla, İzmir / 2023

We came together with the users of the single-storey villa in Urla Kekliktepe because their houses could not fully meet their lifestyles. In their recently renovated house, it was aimed to deal primarily with the exterior spaces and the uses there, as well as the kitchen, which is the main living space, together with a brand new scenario.


With the aim of establishing a strong indoor-outdoor relationship, serious interventions were made in terms of architecture, interior architecture and landscape design in the project. While approaching the main house from the entrance, we aimed to make the middle space a courtyard by adding a new parking structure opposite the pool house on the right. On the other surfaces facing the courtyard, where the main house opens in a very transparent way, a serene and striking spatial experience was designed with natural stone and aluminum coatings.


In the structure that we designed as a parking lot, we reconstructed the living area of ​​the assistants and reconsidered the assistant room, which used to be in the house, as a cooking kitchen.


The kitchen, which we designed as a living space, consists of two parts. We named the kitchen area, which is more integrated with the house, as the 'service kitchen' and used a dining area integrated with the island counter, a custom made dresser and vertical display areas in this area. In this area, very difficult and minimal details were applied with simple and few materials.


In the cooking kitchen, which is separated from the service kitchen by a sliding door, the important elements in the design - color, texture, material - were continued. A functional as well as attractive and intriguing space was obtained.

Kadir Aşnaz

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