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Location / Date
İzmir / 2014

Along with the designed architectural space and its functions, the main objective of the design is introducing an interactive urban database system to collect the stories of people of Izmir. The collective memory which refined by accumulation the smallest units ''stories'', is reflected on the ''wall'', as the main structural member of the project. 


People either physically or digitally (in social media) write their ideas, feelings and stories on walls. The wall in the design functions both physically and metaphorically, by providing the limits of the architectural space, and becomes a tool for the visitor to contribute to urban collective memory. 


An interactive system has been proposed to gather and develop the urban memory, which has recorded the development process of physical and social environments of the city by various methods. In the cultural events organized in the physical space, the visitors are acting as both receivers and donators in the system, as they can get the info they want or share their own to contribute to the collection. This system takes from and gives back to the people of the city, in order to achive improvement in social communication. 


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality

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