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Urban Design

Location / Date
Karabağlar, İzmir / 2017


Karabağlar Municipality

The first dilemma in the design process was related to the scale. A public open space adjacent to İhsan Alyanak Boulevard, which is one of the most important axes in Karabağlar, can be designed by focusing on the citizen. However, when we look at the area, it will be observed that a neighborhood fabric which has not experienced urban transformation continues to exist in the area. Therefore, in making program decisions, one of these users did not override the other. Both exist in a balance.


It is possible to observe a similar dilemma in the relationship between the built environment and nature. When we examine the transformation of the area over the years, it will not be wrong to say that the built environment is increasing and the green tissue is destroyed. However, the colors and the scents of nature welcomed us when we visited the area. While we were wandering in the paths that the local people opened for passage and used quite frequently, we witnessed situations that we did not experience much in the city; disappearing without losing contact with the environment among the elongated wild plants. As we started designing, we remembered this feeling and carried it with us throughout the process.

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