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Design & Built 

Location / Date
Urla, İzmir / 2022

The building, located on a sloping land in Urla Kekliktepe, was presented to us as completed only at the level of the building envelope and infrastructure systems. Considering the problems and potentials observed in the usage scenario of the main house structure, the plan, mass and eventually the structural system of the house were reworked. The reinforced concrete structure evolved into a composite system and the pergola added to the structure formed the identity of the building as an architectural element. A secondary, mobile facade was added to the structure with the proposed pergola.

In addition to these, arrangements such as the pool house, gym and parking lot and the construction of the building in the site plan were reconsidered; The landscape of the building was redesigned with the newly proposed outdoor seating areas. In order to present a holistic architectural language in all these structures, wood, stone and steel elements are used as natural materials in a balanced way.

The living area, which is shaped as a welcoming area in the main house, right in front of the entrance hall, establishes a direct relationship with the kitchen, while at the same time it is in constant physical and visual contact with the terrace and the garden. In the other part of the building, in addition to the main bedroom, two guest rooms and a hobby room are located with their own service areas.

Similar to this functional diversity in indoor areas, various functions such as entertainment, resting, watching, exercise and similar functions in the open spaces surrounding the building are shaped in different focuses, providing users with opportunities for multiple open space experiences.

Structural implementation processes and project management activities have also been managed. It was completed, delivered and put into use in a period of approximately 8 months.

Kadir Aşnaz

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